Class Action

Neal & Harwell has extensive experience in class action litigation on both the plaintiff and defense side.  A class-action lawsuit is a civil lawsuit brought on behalf of a group of people or business entities who have suffered common injuries as a result of the defendants’ conduct, with at least one individual or entity acting as a representative of that group.  This makes practical sense for plaintiffs because class actions mean just one set of witnesses, one set of experts, one set of documents and one set of issues. This efficiency makes it less expensive and easier for one law firm to handle one case than having one or more law firms try multiple cases.

Neal & Harwell lawyers have had great success litigating class actions.  Two recent examples include serving as class co-counsel in the In re Fresh Dairy Products Antitrust Litigation, S.D. Ill.  Our firm recently represented a class of direct buyers of butter and cheese that obtained a $220 million settlement in federal court.  Additionally, Neal & Harwell is on the leadership group representing all independent pharmacies across the United States in the In re Generic Drug Antitrust Litigation.