Neal & Harwell attorneys James F. Sanders, William T. Ramsey and Nathan C. Sanders represent a former senior vice president of commercial operations at Miraca Life Sciences in a False Claims Act whistleblower action brought against Inform Diagnostics, formerly known as Miraca Life Sciences Inc. The suit and two related actions resulted in a $63.5 million settlement for the Government for alleged violations of the Anti-Kickback Statute and the Stark Law.  Of the $63.5 million recovered by the Government, $50 million was attributable to the qui tam suit filed by Neal & Harwell.  The whistleblower represented by Neal & Harwell has a retaliatory discharge claim against Inform Diagnostics that is still pending.  

To read the Department of Justice press release, click here.

Law360 highlighted the case in the article Pathology Lab Strikes $64M Deal Over DOJ Kickback Claims” published on January 30, 2019.