The Chancery Court for Davidson County has issued a temporary injunction in favor of N&H client American Baptist College (the “College”), a landmark institution of higher education.  The College has educated numerous civil rights champions and national leaders—including Georgia Congressman John Lewis, Julius Scruggs, Bernard Lafayette, James, Bevel, C.T. Vivian, and William Barbee—many of whom were instrumental in the Civil Rights Movement and participated in the 1961 Freedom Rides.  Jay Harbison argued the motion before the Honorable Ellen Hobbs Lyle.

N&H represents the College in a dispute with its sponsoring organization.  For decades, the College’s Board of Directors appointed its own members under a process consistent with accreditation standards.  In September 2017, however, the sponsoring organization abruptly attempted to appoint a new majority of board members in a manner that threatened the College’s accreditation status and effectively dismissed nearly half the current board without cause.  The College subsequently filed suit to enjoin these actions.

The Court’s ruling preserves the status quo and enjoins the sponsoring organization from seating or dismissing any members of the College’s Board of Trustees.  In ruling, the Court found an injunction is necessary “to assure that the College, its public and academic reputation, good will, and [accreditation] standing are not damaged.”