Each year, Neal & Harwell attorney Bill Ramsey and his friend Phil Hampton share stocking stuffer ideas with the Nashville Bar Association. See what gadgets made the list for 2022.

Bill & Phil’s Stocking Stuffers for 2022

If you were waiting for our annual Stocking Stuffers column before doing your holiday shopping; the wait is over.  Nothing says “I love you” during the holiday season like a cool tech gadget purchased from Amazon.  Well, maybe a handmade sweater would show a tad bit more love; but who has time for that?  We love our tech gadgets as much as those cheesy sentimental gifts; and here are some of our favorites:

Bose Frames – Bose.com ($249): Sunglasses with built-in Bluetooth Bose speakers are just what the doctor ordered for a long winter’s walk in the woods. With Bose’s Open Ear AudioTM technology, these sunglasses allow you to listen to music, podcasts, or simply talk on the phone with no hands and with no obstruction in your ear.  We use these for runs, walks, workouts, or just simply walking down the street for lunch.  No one else in the vicinity can hear what we are listening to; and because there is no ear bud stuffed in our ear canal, we can still hear plenty of ambient sounds from the environment around us.  The Bose Frames are a no-brainer stocking stuffer.

HidrateSpark STEEL Smart Water Bottle – Hidratespark.com ($69):  If you want to give your loved one a little nudge toward a healthier lifestyle, you might consider the HidrateSpark.  This smart water bottle tracks your water consumption throughout the day.  With the connected phone app, the HidrateSpark can also alert you to when you are not getting enough water and suggest you take a sip.  As long as you fill the bottle with water and water only, this should be a big boost to a healthier 2023.

Oura Ring – Ouraring.com ($349): The Oura Ring is the perfect gift to combine a good fashion sense, a healthy lifestyle, and a popular culture win.  This metallic smart ring not only looks chic on your finger; but it also tracks your activity, heartrate, blood oxygen levels, and your sleep, and provides a personalized readiness score on a daily basis based on your readings.  If the health benefits are not enough; the Oura Ring has quite an appeal in pop culture as Prince Harry (yes, the one married to Meghan) reportedly wears the ring almost all the time.  Now, we bet some of you just bought two.

Ultimate 3-In-1 Charger – Doppyco.co ($42):  Sometimes convenience and practicality are the best gifts we can give.  That is no truer than with this very cool Ultimate 3-in-1 Charger we found at online shopping site, doppyco.co.  If you are decked out with the latest Apple or Samsung phones and all their accessories, you can ditch all the charging cables and replace them with this one device.  The three nodes on this flat charging device serve to wirelessly charge your smartphone, your smart watch, and your Airpods or Galaxy Buds all at once.  Wow!  Genius!  Why didn’t we know about this sooner? We’ll stuff our stocking with this gadget and lose all our messy cords.

Presence Inspiration Display – Discoverpresence.co ($175): As avid tech nerds, we’re sensitive to criticism of spending too much time with our heads buried in our phone displays.  We have a solution for that…a tech solution, no less.  The Presence Inspiration Display is a beautifully designed inspirational quote board that will display timely encouraging messages to you throughout the day.  It doesn’t display notifications of incoming texts, emails, or phone calls; and it doesn’t let you browse the internet.  It simply displays ever-changing inspirational messages, daily affirmations, and positive thoughts that you can read without even picking up your phone.  Of course, you can customize what Presence is doing via the associated app; but you will have to pick up your phone for that.

MX Mechanical Mini – Logitech.com ($150):  We love keyboards, especially  mechanical keyboards.  This is a Bluetooth keyboard that has the touch of a mechanical keyboard.  The keys are backlit, but the backlight only turns on when your hands come near the keys.  It connects to any device, Android, Apple, Windows, Mac Chrome OS and even Linux. It does not use disposable batteries.  It charges via USB.  This highly portable keyboard is just what a person on the go needs to keep typing.

DJI Tello at Amazon ($99 without controller):  Bill loves drones.  This one is for beginners.  It is easy to fly, but it has an HD camera  It has a low price tag, and impressive features which are usually found only on more-expensive models. It has a 13-minute battery life, the longest of any drone in its price range. And it is a lot of fun to fly. (You should buy the controller for an extra $40.)

Ampere Shower Power – Ampere.shop ($69): You connect this  shower Bluetooth speaker onto your showerhead. (It fits almost all showerheads.)  It is powered by the water going through the pipe to your showerhead.  Sound comes out from all 360 degrees of the device.  It sounds pretty darn good.  And it looks so cool!  For $99 you can get one that has LED lights.

Eero 6 Mesh Networking Kit at Best Buy ($169):  Now that everyone is on Zoom and the kids are gaming while others in the house are streaming Netfilx, you need good Wi-Fi coverage in your home.  We think this is the best one.  It is also very easy to set up, upgrades easily and can be controlled by your smartphone.  Replace your old router with Eero and you will thank Bill and Phil.

Xgimi MoGo Pro Portable Smart Projector at Amazon ($499):  This is a projector you can carry in the palm of your hand.  It is Android based, and it has autofocus, so it is so, so easy to use.  It will display an image of up to 200 inches in true 1080p clarity  It is good and clear when projecting a 10 feet diagonal image.  It has a full-sounding built-in Harman Kardon speaker.  You can take it anywhere and project videos, movies and computer and smart phone images on the wall, the ceiling, or a portable screen.  Very, very cool.